Delete Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon Celebrates Anniversary on 11-11-11 With First-ever Phoenix ‘Deletathon’


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Delete Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon Celebrates Anniversary on 11-11-11 With First-ever Phoenix ‘Deletathon’

Complimentary tattoo removal treatments, express facials offered at salon event to celebrate anniversary

Phoenix, AZ – November 2, 2011 – Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon, Phoenix’s premiere tattoo removal specialist, today announced its upcoming ‘Deletathon’ set to commemorate the salon’s successful first year providing unparalleled service.

Since its Grand Opening, one year ago, the Delete Salon has treated nearly 18,500 inches for tattoo removal and has welcomed more than 1,500 happy customers to the salon.

“The popularity of tattoos has generated a continually growing demand for tattoo removal,” explained Marci Zimmerman, founder and principal of Delete. “Sometimes, bad tattoos happen to good people. Delete was opened as an answer to that problem – we’re safely, efficiently and affordably filling that niche.”

At the anniversary celebration on 11-11-11, Delete will offer complementary services including tattoo removals up to 4” in size for new customers, express facials and B-12 shots to welcome new guests to the salon as well the salon’s signature ‘Eraser’ cocktails and hors d’ovres for guests.

Delete’s Grand Opening Special will make a return with pre-paid package discounts increased to 25% off to be offered throughout the day of the event from 8am-8pm on Friday, November 11th.

Event details:

What: One Year Anniversary ‘Deletathon’

Where: 6020 North 16th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85016

When: November 11th 2011 (11.11.11)


Guests are asked to RSVP for the Deletathon to [email protected] or call 480-800-4509 to confirm.

“It has been amazing to see how removing an unwanted tattoo transforms lives. Many of our patients have been looking for a solution for 10, 15 even 20 years, Zimmerman said. “The reasons for removal are endless. Whether we’re being asked to remove the name of old flame, hearing horror stories about misspelled phrases or seeing botched tattoo designs, the demand for removal is out there – and it’s hard to ignore.”

“In the last year, we’ve found – and are fighting – the very real misconceptions out there about the costs involved in removal and a general fear of the process” the Delete founder said. “Our patients either didn’t think they could afford the treatments or didn’t know where to go before they found us.”

The salon is the first free-standing tattoo removal salon in Phoenix to feature Candela’s AlexTriVantage laser technology. This laser improves the efficiency and accuracy of tattoo removal treatments by using a variety of laser wavelengths to target pigments below the surface of the skin. The new technology allows Delete to treat tattoos of all colors, significantly improving on typical removal results often achieved by fractional and rejuvenation devices found at other clinics.

While its core service is tattoo removal, the salon also provides premier services for the skin including peels, laser removal for birthmarks, skin lesions, sun spots and freckles, as well as antiaging treatments, acupuncture and treatment-based medical weight loss programs.

“For many, an unwanted tattoo represents a painful memory or relationship and we are excited to be able to help our patients create a clean slate,” Zimmerman added. “It’s all about deleting the past, removing that which you no longer want, and giving people the chance to move on ink-free.”

Delete has an onsite medical director with expertise in aesthetic and laser medicine. The medical staff also includes an experienced team of technicians with extensive training in laser and skin care.

To learn more, call 480.269.9420, visit, or follow Delete on Facebook and Twitter, @DeleteitnowPHX.


About Delete

Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon incorporates the latest in state-of-the-art laser technology and a trained team of technicians housed in a sleek comfortable environment. Delete provides both men and women a convenient and affordable solution for tattoo removal. Offering fixed price packages based on tattoo size and design complexity, payment plans and financing options are available. To learn more call 480-269-9420, visit, or follow on Facebook and Twitter, @DeleteitnowPHX.



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