Deleters Revisit New Year’s Resolutions

It’s February! Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Chances are most of our New Year’s resolutions have also come and gone too. Quit your ditching! The Good News is that we have 10.5 months left to make some small but powerful changes in our lives. Rewind and revisit your resolutions. Let us start fresh by setting practical resolutions and empowering ourselves to make a change.

Realistically Prepare Yourself!

Try with revisiting the past, and look at what worked in 2012. Was there a resolution you made in 2012 that you stuck with? Fine-tune it. There is always room for improvement. Don’t let this process damper your motivation, this is meant to prevent you from wasting time or focusing on the negatives. It is called separating the good from the bad.

What have you checked off your list so far?  Here’s ours!

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– Put the ‘book? down and step outside: Make it a point to spend more time with friends and family and ditch those Facebook ‘friends.’ This may lead to more outdoor activities, which is rejuvenating for your mental and physical being. Try it! You always know you can find your ‘friends? frequenting your news feed any day of the week.

– Exercise More: Hitting the elliptical has never felt so rejuvenating…especially with the latest dance music hitting the charts to pump you up. Have you tried yoga? How about making a resolution to “touch your toes when your 90!” Cycling has grown in popularity and is easy on your joints. Join in the Golden Age of Cycling  and jump on your bike!

– Embrace healthy eating habits: Eating right has been a growing trend with the latest research on food quality — and how eating healthy allows the body to feel energized everyday instead of lazy or sluggish. We recommend The Ultra Lite Program a health and weight management system that teaches you HOW to eat, WHEN to eat, and WHAT to eat to convert your body over to burning fat.

– Ask and you shall receive: Is there a big project you’ve been working on? Maybe a promotion? Go for it! Ask for help. Ask for the opportunity. The worst that can happen is you’re told no. You are not any worse off than where you started. You may just surprise yourself.

– Lose weight: Your exercising and eating healthy. Track your progress with weekly weigh-ins. All the hard work will pay off. Take a quick peek in the mirror after every shower, and keep yourself honest. By this summer, the healthy you difference will be obvious!

– Sleep yourself silly and fit into those skinny jeans : The easiest resolution you can make with yourself: more sleep in 2013! Studies show you burn fat in your sleep. Lack of sleep fuels appetite as well as the hormones that increase belly fat. 

– Take off your bad ink, take it all off: More and more people have vowed to remove that tattoo that’s holding them back. It’s your image and we know that you’re embarrassed by that outdated tattoo. Tattoo removal is a growing trend because its affordable and it works! Up 32% in 2012, many including celebs find themselves beginning the process to finally have their tat removed for good. Deleteing the ink that brings you down is transformational!

– Budgeting Money: You know what your monthly bills are so why haven’t you created a budget? It’ll take 15 minutes and with that extra cash saved away instead of frivoulously spent out-n-about, maybe the vacation that seemed unaffordable will come sooner than we thought!  It’ll hurt less than you think…we promise.

Revisiting these resolutions should help you get back into setting and attaining your 2013 goals. Everyday is an opportunity to reach your goals. Seize the day and start taking advantage of it!



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