Ditch the Stuff, Give the Gift of Delete

There is nothing like the satisfied feeling of giving someone the perfect gift. They undo the neatly tied bow, tear apart the beautifully wrapped paper and, if it’s their dream gift, they react genuinely, giddy with excitement.

In that moment, you let out a sigh of relief. They loved what you chose for them. They see you truly took the time to pick out something they would enjoy.

So often, when writing out our shopping list, we only think of material items for gifts. But the gift of a service – a treatment for them to erase the unwanted and feel more beautiful — can be so much more powerful. Instead of a gift that contributes to more clutter in their life, the gift of a service can be everlasting — especially for the 66 people in your life who already have everything.

This is why, at Delete® Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon, we’ve created your go-to holiday gift guide, based on the needs your significant other/friend/coworker/family member is facing. As an added bonus, for every $100 you spend at Delete, we’re giving you $20 back.

If he suffers from beard bumps… Beard bumps are a very common problem among men, especially men who have naturally coarse hair. However, most men don’t know what to do about these itchy irritants and choose to suffer through them instead of addressing them. Be the hero in helping the man in your life rid himself of beard bumps forever with Delete’s Beard Bump Laser Hair Removal treatment. In addition to smoother skin, you’ll be able to better see his big smile sans the distraction of the bumps.

If she’s looking for the fountain of youth… Your loved one who complains about her laugh lines or crow’s feet will have one more reason to smile when she sees you purchased a physician delivered Botox treatment for her at Delete. Our highly trained staff will make sure she receives VIP treatment on her quest for glowing, youthful skin. Better yet, combine Delete’s Botox treatments with Juvederm and she will see the natural look she desires without the “frozen face.” Botox and Juvederm are on sale now, only through the Holidays at 33% off, so purchase treatment packages before January 1, 2017.

If he’s sick of looking at that old tattoo… A gift certificate toward tattoo removal treatments for someone who can no longer stand his ink will have your loved one thanking you for years. Tattoo removal can be expensive, causing many to delay the treatments until they can afford it. Imagine their excitement when they see you’ve already paid for a treatment (or two or three) for them! You’ll be the hero of Christmas.

If she’s sick of the time consuming process of shaving… Nothing says “I love you” more than the gift of time. Give 10 minutes of her day back to her by eliminating the need for her to shave her legs and underarms with a laser hair removal package. We promise, she’ll love the permanent silky smooth feeling of her skin, too!

If they’re looking to become fit as a fiddle…Your loved one will LOVE a Nutrient IV or B12 Boost package. With six customizable Nutrient IV treatments available, there’s nothing else in Phoenix that will have them feeling pumped the day after Christmas. Delete’s B12 and Nutrient IV packages are sure to bring that “walking on sunshine” feeling back into their life.

Pop into Delete, grab a gift certificate for one of these treatments and voila! You have the perfect gift, guaranteeing you, as the gift giver, that heartwarming feeling the moment they see what you chose just for them. You can even send a request in online and we’ll either email or snail mail your loved one’s gift certificate to you – no holiday traffic involved!



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