Face it ? it was a mistake.

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We’ve seen some pretty outrageous tattoos in our day, but things have really stepped up recently on the scary scale and we’re feeling like we have to share.

A few of the gems that we’ve tweeted about as of late boast one major factor in common ? they’re face tattoos.

When you commit to getting a tattoo, you’re saying that (whatever it is you’re getting inked) is important enough to you that you want it on your body forever. And in case there’s any confusion ? we mean permanently branded on your body. Until the end.

We could examine the rationale we’ve heard from advocates of face tattoos, but really what it comes down to is that this location is prime real estate. Your face is the first thing people see when they look at you. So if shouting your love for [insert latest fad/favorite food/name of hot rock star here] from the rooftops is high on your priority list, the face is where you go first (apparently).

Case in point: Check out the stories of the two women and their tattoos that inspired this post. Have a read through both here and here.

And now is when we sound off. Do you have or know someone who has a face tattoo? Is this a trend you see sticking around for a while? Do you know of anyone who took the face tattoo plunge and is experiencing tattoo regret?

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