Family dinners? How about family tattoos?

How do you bond with your family? Is it over forced dinners that nobody wants to go to? Or what about that dreaded family vacation when your parents booked only one room and you had to choose between that awful cramped cot or sharing a bed

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– Originality at its finest.

with your brother? Well, for Lea Michele of ‘Glee,’ her family bonds a little differently.  (As we’d imagine celebrities would.)

Lea says that her family’s favorite activity is to go get tattoos. She herself has more than a dozen. Apparently her family gets ‘super sentimental? about the whole thing at the time, but afterwards Lea says it seemed ‘a bit more important in the moment.?

Her clich�d repertoire of ink includes both a bird and a butterfly. What is it about generic designs that seem to mean so much to people? Will Lea realize years from now that no, that bird and butterfly did not make her so original and unique?

To each their own, but we’re ready over here at Delete to help everyone out with their cases of tattoo regret.



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