For your viewing pleasure: the 10 dumbest celebrity tattoos

We all love a good laugh, especially when that laugh is at someone else’s expense. Prepare to be wowed by The Daily Caller’s collection of what in their opinion are the 10 dumbest celebrity tattoos.

Steve-O of ‘Jackass? comedy fame has a classy tat of himself on

zac efron yolo e1340636665851

– That’s right, YOLO.

his back. Mark ‘Marky Mark? Wahlberg has a large tattoo of his name with his birthday on his shoulder. Um, what? Does he really need to be reminded of those two crucial life facts? Britney Spears got a pink pair of dice tatted on her inner wrist back when she was with short-lived-husband Kevin Federline.

Johnny Depp has one of the more common ink mistakes on his shoulder, ‘Winona Forever,’ the name of his ex. While all of these are pretty terrible, the worst in our opinion is Zac Efron’s ‘YOLO? tat on his hand. The famous mantra from rapper Drake, meaning ‘You only live once,’ seems more than dumb. The phrase itself was a cool concept when it first became popular, but now it’s just a joke used to signify bad decision-making skills. Way to go, Zac.

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