For your viewing pleasure: the 10 dumbest celebrity tattoos

We all love a good laugh, especially when that laugh is at someone else�s expense. Prepare to be wowed by The Daily Caller�s collection of what in their opinion are the 10 dumbest celebrity tattoos.

Steve-O of �Jackass� comedy fame has a classy tat of himself on

That's right, YOLO.

his back. Mark �Marky Mark� Wahlberg has a large tattoo of his name with his birthday on his shoulder. Um, what? Does he really need to be reminded of those two crucial life facts? Britney Spears got a pink pair of dice tatted on her inner wrist back when she was with short-lived-husband Kevin Federline.

Johnny Depp has one of the more common ink mistakes on his shoulder, �Winona Forever,� the name of his ex. While all of these are pretty terrible, the worst in our opinion is Zac Efron�s �YOLO� tat on his hand. The famous mantra from rapper Drake, meaning �You only live once,� seems more than dumb. The phrase itself was a cool concept when it first became popular, but now it�s just a joke used to signify bad decision-making skills. Way to go, Zac.

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