Four ways tats can affect your Career

“Tattoos in the workforce are still likely to be frowned upon, and the more outlandish the tattoo, the more frowns you can expect! Don’t be caught with your pants down on this important trend.”

People do a lot of things at home that they wouldn’t do at work: wear their oldest sweats, snuggle with their cats, make a bowl of cookie dough and eat the whole thing raw.

Young people, however, are sometimes surprised to discover that other rules, like covering up tattoos and piercings, apply as well. A CareerBuilder study conducted by Harris Interactive concluded that 31 percent of employers probably wouldn’t extend promotions to people with visible tattoos. Here are four ways your ink can affect you in the workplace.

1. Job prospects

Plain and simple, you may not qualify for the job you want if you have big tattoos that can’t be hidden. Law, medicine and education often still express major concerns over visible body art.

2. Advancement prospects

Even if you get in on the ground floor, your professionalism may be questioned due to tattoos. If you want to avoid that, cover them, remove them or don’t ink in a visible place.

3. Client and customer relations

According to the Pew Research Center, two thirds of Americans 65 and older say the growing tattoo trend is a bad one. If they’re your clients, you may make a crucial mistake without ever opening your mouth.

4. Career-switching prospects

If nothing else moves you, consider how often people switch careers these days. If a tattoo won’t play well in most fields, it may not be a great idea in any field.

So if you just can’t handle the idea of covering up your tattoos or removing them altogether, we suggest you get an advanced degree in computer science. Then you can go work at Google, eat all the cookie dough and pet all the cats you want, and put your tats on display. Until then, respect the trend.


“f1001”: “This just in: tattoos and professionalism still oil and water. Workforce ink remains an issue today.”}



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