Fractional PicoWay RESOLVE Laser Resurfacing

New to Delete® is the brand new PicoWay Resolve™ for treatment of scars left behind by acne, stubborn stretch marks, skin irregularities and age marks.

Resolve delivers the shortest picosecond pulses and the highest peak power of any picosecond device on the market. For our clients, this means skin will be rejuvenated, scars minimized and noticeable results after only one or two treatments.

Resolve is the latest in tattoo removal technology, which was launched internationally in late 2015. Designed with the most pigmented lesions in mind, such as age spots, freckles lentigines and more, Resolve’s two wavelengths and holographic fractional technology enable treatment of shallow lesions simultaneously as it targets deeper lesions for the fullest removal experience for all skin types. Best of all, a treatment using Resolve technology lasts an average of 20 minutes with minimal downtime, making smoother, youthful skin a reality in a very short time. Hello, new you!

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