Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program

Delete is proud to be a sponsor and laser services member of the Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program.

About The Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program

This nationwide program works with over 2,000 applicants each year in helping them find laser tattoo removal doctors and specialists in their area. Fresh Start is a program that was founded and is directed by Dr Dave Ores. The sole mission of  Fresh Start Tattoo Removal is to help patients remove visible gang and prison tattoos of former gang members for FREE.

Why Delete is Involved

We participate to help these people get jobs and improve the quality of their lives, as well as their family’s. Statistics have shown that when an ex-inmate is employed, there is a less than 10% chance of returning to prison, while others without a job have a 90% increase in returning to prison. Delete is here to help remedy this situation and lessen the financial burden on the local and state governments.

How The Program Works (how to apply)

Applying to the Fresh Start program is easy. All any applicant needs to do is apply on the FSP website using this application. There will be a waiting period as there are many applicants that apply each year, so be patient! After your application has been received, it will be reviewed and sent to a provider for approval. Once you’ve been approved by a provider, you’ll then receive their information and be able to reach out and schedule your first consultation and free appointment.

Have more questions? Contact the Fresh Start Tattoo Removal program here.

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