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GentleYAG® Laser Rejuvenating

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GentleYAG® Laser Rejuvenating

No Downtime

Laser Rejuvenation skin toning laser is non-ablative, which means your downtime should be ZERO.  This professional laser treatment is a new and innovative way to treat wrinkles: a skin tightening treatment that results in smoother, younger looking skin without invasive surgery. GentleYAG® can be done on your face, chest, arms, stomach, or any other area that could benefit from tighter skin.

Why Use GentleYAG® Laser Rejuvenating Treatments?

GentleYAG® laser rejuvenating treatments are an affordable, non-invasive, non-surgical procedure to tone skin, remove pigment and stimulate collagen.  Mild redness after the laser treatment is the endpoint meaning that there is very little recovery time needed, and the procedure is relatively without pain. The laser does warm your skin, but most patients report the process being tolerable, and even comfortable. The laser rejuvenating treatment works incredibly quickly and is much more effective than any over the counter cream or lotion you can try, making it a much better investment in the long run.

How Does it Work?

Given the deep penetration of the 1064 wavelength laser, collagen is stimulated and pigment, wrinkles and imperfections fade.  Typically speaking, treatments are scheduled about three to four weeks apart to give the body time to adjust and adapt. When you come in for your laser treatments, our technician covers the entire treatment area with multiple laser pulses. These laser pulses penetrate the epidermis, to tighten and remove fine lines and wrinkles.

Are You an Ideal Candidate?

When used alone or in combination with our other cosmetic treatments such as the use of fillers and injectables, GentleYAG® is perfect for almost every patient. The gentle “lunch-time” laser is our least invasive, most affordable laser rejuvenation treatment. If more dramatic results are desired, we recommend the Resolve fractional treatment.  Patients of all ages and skin types can see results with this type of treatment. GentleYAG® is ideal for those who have been thinking about laser facial treatments but are worried about having a procedure done or cannot take the required time off work. Since there is virtually no downtime, and any discomfort is easily relieved using over the counter pain medications, it is a very easy procedure to have done.

When Can You Expect to see Results?

In many cases, it takes anywhere from two to four treatments for the process to reach its optimal effect. You can expect to see results in about 90 days to six months following the final treatment, though most patients do notice a marked improvement after two weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about GentleYAG® Laser Rejuvenation, contact the experts at Delete – Tattoo Removal and Medical Salon. They can give you more information about this process, tailoring it to your unique situation. Don’t let imperfect skin make you feel uncomfortable; contact us to book an appointment with a laser rejuvenation specialist today!


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