Getting inked ‘for the love of the game?

We all know that baseball is America’s favorite pastime, but this guy has taken his love for baseball to a new level!

baseball tattoos 300x268

Benjamin Christensen is an Oakland A’s fan, but he didn’t just go the emerald and gold

route with the Oakland ‘A? emblazoned on him. Benjamin had all 30 of Major League Baseball’s original mascots tattooed on his body! The right side of his torso is dedicated to the American League and the left is dedicated to the National League.

And didn’t just slap all of the mascots on willie-nillie, either. Each mascot was detailed and drawn to pay homage to the smaller moments in baseball history. When it comes to being a baseball fan, this dude doesn’t mess around! And he’s all sorts of proud of his love for the game.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t decide he actually loves football more! Though if he does, we hope he pays us a visit! Benjamin ? we can help you clean that slate!  Our specialty is tattoo regret!



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