Girls just wanna have fun! And they have tattoos to prove it

Tough guys, think twice before you dismiss your lady as such a delicate flower. According to a new poll released by the Oxygen network and Lightspeed research, 59 percent of women have tattoos. How many men? An estimated 41 percent.

An article written on the iVillage website discusses these findings. Another finding that comes expected of women: they bring friends to get tattoos with them, just as they do to about everywhere else.

Angelina Jolie  tattoo dragon design

The writer of the blog, Letisha Marrero, said that she’s happy with her decision to get a tattoo. But she advises that other women wait until they are completely positive about their decision. She also urges the potential Kat Von D’s of the world to come up with something original and meaningful ? after all, this will be on your body for the rest of your life! Unless of course you grow to regret your decision and decide to make the trip to Delete!

Tattoos cost not only money, but time. Hours are spent to color your ink to perfection. While many women see body art as a great way to express themselves, they make the decisions impulsively and don’t think about how those lyrics to their favorite songs will look when they are 60 ? wrinkled skin doesn’t quite do a tat justice!



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