Goodbye Mike Tyson Tattoo

Is Mike Tyson really getting his iconic face tattoo removed? That’s what the boxer tweeted this morning, ?#GoodbyeMikeTysonTattoo?. It is coincidental that it just so happens to be April Fools’ Day! Joke or not, laser tattoo removal on the face is possible, Delete Tattoo Removal has removed its fair share of facial tattoos.

If you have never seen Mike Tyson’s tattoo, you may have seen The Hangover Part II where Ed Helms’ character gets a replica of Mike’s famous ink.

Ed Helms’ character gets a Mike Tyson Tattoo in The Hangover Part II
Mike Tyson’s Tattoo


Mike’s tattoo stretches from his forehead to his cheek on the left side of his face. And it appears it will remain that way for the time being. An hour later the famous boxer tweeted the following message:

Jokes on us Mike! If you ever do decide to get your tattoo removed Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon is happy to be of service!



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