Healthy Habits To Increase The Success Of Tattoo Removal

Woman eating a balanced meal

Habits That Aid In The Success Of Tattoo Removal

So you’ve jumped right into treatments for laser tattoo removal. Congrats! But, Have you thought about healthy habits to increase the success of your tattoo removal? There are healthy habits you should consider for laser tattoo removal before and after, and even during treatments. Delete Tattoo Removal has compiled 5 healthy habits to help speed up the tattoo removal process. But first, we want to highlight how smoking can reduce your chance of successfully removing your tattoo. The journal, The Archives of Dermatology, published an article showing that smoking increases the difficulty of tattoo removal. The research was conducted at a laser-surgery center in Milan, Italy. How much does smoking really determine successful laser tattoo removal? According to the study, the success of removing a tattoo after 10 treatments is reduced by 70% if you smoke! Kick butt in your tattoo removal and put that cigarette butt out!

In addition to smoking there are 4 more healthy habits topping the list:

1)    Sleep at least eight hours a night

2)    Eat a balanced diet

3)    Take your vitamins

4)    Be committed

Being committed to treatment is crucial to successful tattoo removal. In that same study mentioned before, researchers also found that it was harder to remove tattoos if treatments were not at intervals of 8 weeks or less! Notice the word intervals, standard laser tattoo removal can take between 8 – 12 tattoo removal treatments depending on the size, colors, age, and state of your tattoo. The best advice for successful laser tattoo removal that Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon can give you: Live a healthy lifestyle! The healthier your immune system, the more successful your tattoo removal will be!

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