Holiday Survival Tips: B12 Boosts and Delete Gift Certificates

Did you survive the first shopping weekend of the holiday season?

Or did you collapse on Sunday evening, drained and absolutely exhausted?

B-12Don’t worry. We know how you feel and we are here to help!

When it comes to getting through the craziest of seasons, it’s survival of the healthiest! How do you stay healthy despite the stress and chaos?


We’ve discussed the many benefits of B-12 before, but we wanted to remind you what a great ally B-12 is for your body!

Having enough B-12 in your system is essential for maintaining normal brain functions and nervous system activity. It assists with the formation of blood and boosts the metabolism of every cell in the human body, making it a key player in energy production.

Having extra B-12 kicking around in your system could be the crucial difference between having enough energy to make an extra batch of Christmas cookies or crashing on the couch eating raw cookie dough.  

Another holiday road block, what to buy everyone! Once again, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 

Tattoo removal gift certificates! Have a friend who always laments about the tattoo they regret ever getting? Or the tattoo that has faded and stretched out? Give them a gift (and a nudge) to finally kiss their unwanted tattoo goodbye! 

So when it comes to holiday survival, stick with us! We’ve got you covered! 


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