How to Remove Your Ring Tattoo Before Tying the Knot

Your wedding day is approaching. You have so much to take care of, and when you finally have a moment to breathe, you realize something ― that tattoo on your finger from so many years ago clashes with your beautiful wedding band.

Most people prefer their hands uncluttered by the memory of an earlier relationship. In fact, most newlyweds prefer only to have their wedding ring. Therefore, it is important to look into a ring tattoo cover up prior to your wedding day so that your newly married life starts with a fresh start.

Ring Finger Tattoos

Some people wear gloves on their wedding day to cover up any tattoos. However, that is not a permanent solution. The only way to erase ring tattoos completely is to undergo laser tattoo removal treatments. With laser tattoo removal, your tattoo will be very close to or completely removed, and you will be ready for your big day.

A growing number of Americans are getting tattoos, and an equally large number are getting them removed. As of 2013, approximately 45,000 people had tattoos removed in one year―and that number has only grown as of late.

Plenty of people will be tattooed when they are young only to realize their taste has changed years later. Tattoos can impact your professional career as well as your romantic relationships. Therefore, wanting to have a tattoo removed before your wedding is completely normal and very common.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

At Delete – Tattoo & Laser Salon, we have invested in the PicoWay, a dual laser system that comfortably treats all skin types and removes nearly all tattoo ink colors. The PicoWay’s picosecond pulses directly hit the different inks found in your tattoo. The laser breaks the pigmentation into tiny particles within the skin. Each layer of ink that is broken down sits inside the skin until the body sends cells to take away the ink. Between each treatment, the body removes (detoxes out) the broken ink particles, leaving you with a clearer tattoo. Sometimes the longer you wait in between treatments, the more ink you can erase.

To begin treatment, you will need to schedule a complimentary consultation with our physician at our office. It lasts about 20 minutes, and no commitment is necessary. One of our physicians will examine your tattoo, estimate the number of treatments, ask about your general health including any medications you are currently taking, and recommend the best course of action to take. Patients are certainly welcome to take that next step by doing their first treatment if they feel so inclined. A ring finger tattoo only takes 10-15 minutes to treat.

Tattoos require an average of five to eight sessions to be removed; every tattoo, patient and tattoo artist are unique, so tattoo removals are uniquely personal to each specific tattoo. Appointments should be scheduled eight to twelve weeks apart, so it may take a year or more to remove the tattoo on your finger. So, if you are getting married, we recommend you start as soon as possible and schedule your treatments well in advance.

Be Picture Perfect for Your Big Day

If all you want to see on your big day is your picture perfect wedding band reminding you of that one special person in your life, then you are ready to schedule a consultation for a finger tattoo removal at Delete. We are here to answer as many questions as you need to feel confident that this is the right decision for you.



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