Ink for a good cause

Being in the tattoo removal business we share a lot of stories about bad tattoos but we wanted to share a good tattoo story we came across in the Journal Star. A 33-year-old woman from Lincoln, Nebraska was the victim of a hate crime on July 22nd when three masked men broke into her home, tied her up and carved anti-gay slurs into her skin.


In response to reports of the incident, Hartland Tattoo shop started offering ink designs of ‘NOH8? for $40, when they usually sell for $75. Owner Adam Hart also decided to donate $10 from each tat to Charlie Rogers, the victim of the crime.

?When something that sad happens, you just want to squish all that hate with that much more love,’ Hart said. The shop raised over $500 for Charlie.

Hearing about a community coming together in support of a cause is truly heart-warming. Would you get a tattoo for a good cause?



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