Ink for a good cause

Being in the tattoo removal business we share a lot of stories about bad tattoos but we wanted to share a good tattoo story we came across in the Journal Star. A 33-year-old woman from Lincoln, Nebraska was the victim of a hate crime on July 22 nd when three masked men broke into her home, tied her up and carved anti-gay slurs into her skin.

In response to reports of the incident, Hartland Tattoo shop started offering ink designs of �NOH8� for $40, when they usually sell for $75. Owner Adam Hart also decided to donate $10 from each tat to Charlie Rogers, the victim of the crime.

�When something that sad happens, you just want to squish all that hate with that much more love,� Hart said. The shop raised over $500 for Charlie.

Hearing about a community coming together in support of a cause is truly heart-warming. Would you get a tattoo for a good cause?

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