Ink gets active: Sports? most tattooed athletes

We love celebrity tattoos. Really, we do! We love the outrageous ones, the religious ones, the colorful ones? And we especially love the misspelled ones!

Celebrities love getting inked! We’ve posted before about the always-growing number of tatted celebs, but a love of permanent body art is by no means exclusive to movie stars! Let’s not forget all of the inked athletes out there ? across all sports! They really love branding themselves with the help of a tattoo gun. Seriously.

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Have a look at our latest source of glee.

We really enjoyed perusing this gallery from the Bleacher Report, which counts down the most tatted athletes.

Preview/Spoiler alert: Allen Iverson is one of the LEAST tattooed athletes on the list ? how about that?! That should give you an idea of the massive amount of tatts you’re in store for (you’re welcome)!

One of our favorites was pro wrestler Jeff Monson, who says he has three kinds of tattoos:

1. Meaningful ones, including his kids? names, a handprint of his kid, etc.

2. Political ones

3. Fun ones, ‘just because I’m pretty white and they stand out good.?

The great thing about this slideshow is that they’ve included and considered everyone from basketball players, to synchronized swimmers! It really shines a light on how heavily a lot of athletes are tattooed these days.



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