Ink of Shame! Teen Shows off bad tat of London Mayor

Teenagers do impulsive things, it’s just common knowledge. But most times, they commit offense such as getting embarrassing tattoos when under the influence. Nineteen-year-old Lewis Jolly, though, was sober when he made the decision to tattoo the face of London mayor Boris Johnson on his thigh.


– Oh yeah. That’s a keeper…

Lewis says he got the tat because the mayor impressed him. ‘He brings a smile to everyone’s face and the great thing is that he does not take things too seriously. That is how you should live your life.?

The artist who did Lewis? tattoo said it was one of the strangest requests he had ever gotten. ‘I thought that it was different to the run-of-the-mill stuff and it would be challenging because he is so recognizable, so you have to make it right.?

The mayor himself approved the tat. ‘I?m honored by the artistic gesture,’ he says.  Any bets on how long it will it be before Lewis needs laser tattoo removal?



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