Ink of Shame! Teenager shows off tat of London mayor

Teenagers do impulsive things, it�s just common knowledge. But most times, they commit offense such as getting embarrassing tattoos when under the influence. Nineteen-year-old Lewis Jolly, though, was sober when he made the decision to tattoo the face of London mayor Boris Johnson on his thigh.

Oh yeah. That's a keeper...

Lewis says he got the tat because the mayor impressed him. �He brings a smile to everyone�s face and the great thing is that he does not take things too seriously. That is how you should live your life.�

The artist who did Lewis� tattoo said it was one of the strangest requests he had ever’gotten. �I thought that it was different to the run-of-the-mill stuff and it would be challenging because he is so recognizable, so you have to make it right.�

The mayor himself approved the tat. �I�m honored by the artistic gesture,� he says.



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