Instant Gratification: A box of chocolate? How about tattoo removal in one day?

Let’s break down the phrase ‘instant gratification? for a minute. After a hard day at work, you might turn to some retail therapy. After a breakup, a box of mouth-watering chocolate (or Ben & Jerry’s, whatever you prefer) and repeated, teary-eyed viewings of The Notebook. But Delete is taking that instant gratification to a new level with their 4-n-1 tattoo removal treatment.


Looks good, but our new 4-n-1 treatment is better

The process does exactly what the name implies: it delivers the effects of four treatments in just one session. Who would have thought that instant gratification exists in the world of tattoo regret? We did!

Instead of being depressed about that tattoo of your high school boyfriend on your arm ? you thought it was love ? you can stop into Delete and wipe away that memory and pretend it didn’t exist.  You might want to toss that fanny pack you own while you’re cleansing your life of bad decisions.

You can also be sure that the 4-n-1 treatment is safe and effective. Delete has tested 30 patients with it in the clinical study and no scarring or heart-stopping effects have been seen.

You can expect that 67% of your professional tattoos will be removed after just one visit ? talk about instant gratification! What’s even better is that your poorly designed amateur tattoo can be 86% gone after one session.

So thank us for making instant gratification possible in the world of once permanent ink. If only more bad decisions could be erased so easily.



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