Justin Bieber Reveals New Tat: Future Tattoo Removal Likely

justin bieber tattoo

Oh J. Biebs, we can’t help but love to listen to “Baby” and “Somebody To Love” they’re fun, and light, and darn catchy!

A sweet, cartoony looking owl? Really? Anyways – we digress. Justin, your latest tattoo is honestly one of the most surprising ones yet. But as fans, we’re a little concerned. You see Justin, you’ve gotten a little ink crazy lately. It seems like every 15 minutes you’re showing off fresh ink. For those that are counting this owl is Bieber’s eighth tattoo he’s showed off to the public. He may also have private ink which he hasn’t showcased to his legions of fans, but considering his love for showcasing shirtless photos, we doubt it. 

What do you think of the new tattoo? A recipe for tattoo regret? ? 

At least he didn’t get Selena Gomez’s initals, right? 


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