Kyra Sedgwick – Restoring the Family Tat Trend

Now we�ve talked about our share of ink variety before � face tats, Disney tats, Chinese characters, armbands � and pretty much everything in between (seriously, though). But here�s a question for you. Have you ever seen a questionable’family’tat? Read on, friends!

The latest family ink making headlines graces the skin of Kevin Bacon�s one and only.

Check out this? article?highlighting actress Kyra Sedgwick�s new red carpet accessory.

While Kyra was spotted at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards looking anything but SAGgy (see what we did there?) she turned heads sporting her orange Pucci dress’and’some new ink.

Kyra told Giuliana Rancic?of E! that her tat is a �family tattoo�. Designed to show each member of her family�s initials (K, K, S, and T), we can�t help but be a tad bit concerned that this may just reignite the family tat flame (if even a spark of interest had existed before). With celebrity power from The Closer, nonetheless, family tattoos may just become all the rage with all of those moms out there that have been thinking about inking.

What do you think about Kyra�s new ink � and family tats in general? Give us a? shout?with your opinion!

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