Laser Hair Removal in Phoenix

Laser hair reduction is the most effective, fastest, and common way to remove unwanted hair. At Delete, we believe all laser treatments need to be performed by skilled, knowledgeable, professionals who have the best technology.

Delete uses the superior technologically, the GentleMAX Pro Laser System by Candela, to effectively and aggressively treat the widest range of hair follicle diameter sizes and skin types with two separate laser heads; The Alexandrite and a Nd:YAG, with the nominal wavelengths of 755 nanometers (nm) and 1064 nm, respectively. This is the newest, safest, most technologically advanced hair removal laser on the market. Its dynamic built-in cooling delivers a far more comfortable treatment than cheaper, more widely used devices.

We recommend starting with an initial consultation to discuss the areas you would like to remove unwanted hair. During the consultation, Delete’s expert laser technician will discuss the removal process, safety benefits of Delete’s treatments, how long it will take to reduce your unwanted hair, our guarantee and maintenance programs, and the end results you can expect.

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Our patients who undergo a full series of 6-9 treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart will see a permanent reduction of about 80+% of their hair. The Delete maintenance plan includes deeply discounted treatments.

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