Laser Tattoo Removal During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman

Two Pink Lines?! You are pregnant! So what does that mean for your tattoo removal process? We spend a lot of time with our patients during the tattoo removal process, so we are always excited when we hear this kind of news! However eager you are to remove that tattoo, Delete Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon will postpone your tattoo removal treatments during pregnancy. The good news is you can continue the process after you deliver and after you have finished breast feeding.

The Reasoning

There has not been extensive, or significant, research studies with the risks associated with laser tattoo
removal and pregnancy. Thus it is better to be safe, and err on the side of
caution. When you receive a tattoo removal treatment the laser is breaking up
the ink and the ink particles are removed through your body’s immune system.
Tattoo ink is known to contain heavy metals that can be harmful to the fetus.
This is also why we recommend that you finish breast feeding before returning
for tattoo removal.

What if you became pregnant while receiving tattoo removal?

Do not worry, chances are the majority of the ink that is going to clear from
your last session already has. At Delete we space treatments every 6-8 weeks
apart, so that your skin has time to heal, and also so your immune system has
time to recover. Thus, most of your ink will have already cleared during that
6-8 week time period.

More than anything we want to be safe for you and your baby.
This is why we postpone treatments during pregnancy and breast feeding.
Currently, the Food and Drug Administration does very little to regulate tattoo
ink. This will be another story for a different day! But, is also the reason we
do not want to take any chances! So until baby is born and finished breast
feeding, we will look forward to the next time we see you, plus 1!!



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