Lucky Tattoo an Omen?

So we’ve all heard about Rhianna’s knuckle tat tribute ? OLD NEWS! But Gigwise took the time to compile some other ? more obscure ? tattoos littering some of the music industry’s finest that may be just as bad (if not worse)!

They call this article ?The Worst Tattoos in Music? (which we would like to say is quite fitting!).

Celebs may have the money to spend on just about whatever they want, but if we can learn anything from its collection, it’s that no amount of money can buy taste.

This slideshow in particular, is testimony to the awesomely bad taste that all too often goes along with big egos and dollar signs.

Lucky Guy

Our favorite ink of the bunch is on English rapper, Professor Green (no, not Mr. Green from Clue). Don’t sweat it if you’re not familiar with this bloke. We had to Google him too!

The Brit sports some ‘lucky? ink, which is just underneath a large scar from none other than (wait for it)?. his stab wound!

Yep, he’s lucky alright ? lucky to be alive! Professor Green’s ink seems to have been prophetic, as he was stabbed right above it. In fact, the tattoo only still reads ‘lucky? after the rapper received 40 stitches to put his face back together. Yikes!

The other celebrities showcased by Gigwise vary in talent and recognition, but they all are united by the ‘bad tattoo? stigma. Some are unoriginal, unattractive, or just plain bad ? and we’re asking you for your comments on them!

On top of that, we know there are many many more horribly chosen/created/copied tattoos in the celebrity realm. Have any favorites? Send them our way!!



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