Making Room for New Ink

We talk about? removing tattoos?a lot in terms of erasing a bad memory and seeking a fresh start.

Whether tattoo removal is explored to rid your body of a tattoo you got when you wereyoung, drunk, or in love (or any combination of the three) or just plain obsessed with? Tweety Bird?a la the Warner Brothers craze of the 90�s, modern day tattoo removal is sophisticated and accessible enough to ensure you have a future ahead of you � sans the permanently inked skin (should you so choose).

That being said, not all of the ink we remove is solely because the person has sworn off tattoos in all of their permanent glory. Those of us in the tattoo removal industry know that there�s a whole other clientele out there looking to remove their ink simply as a way to make room for more!

And it�s not just one or two people coming in to the Delete salon.’There are plenty of? people?in other places looking to clear their �canvases� to make room for more tattoo art.

Recently, we heard from one of our clients on? Facebook?about just that! She is proudly using our services so that she can make room for more ink.

So now it�s? your?turn to sound off! Would you or have you ever looked to delete your ink to make room for more? Or would you only consider removal as a means to clean your slate?



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