May is National Bike Month and Delete Has Another Awesome Giveaway!

Bike Month - Delete Tattoo Removal

We are constantly telling our patients how important it is to stay healthy. Not only is staying healthy a good habit to stick with, but it also helps your ink clear faster. Taking supplements, pairing your tattoo removal treatment with Collagen Induction Therapy, our B12 boosts and nutrient infusions can help too! Even more so, keeping up with healthy activities like bicycling are crucial to your health. On that note, May is national bike month (there’s a lot of recognition in May) and anyone who rides into our salon in Phoenix will receive a free B12! You heard us right, A FREE B12 boost for bicyclists that show up with their bikes.


Delete – Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon is all about the healthy things in life. We like to ensure that our clients, and future clients, are recognized for their health efforts! B12 boosts are perfect for bicyclists because they not only give you a burst of energy, but also increase your metabolism. Since you’re already cycling around town this B12 boost will do you good!


Stop into our Delete Phoenix location to get your boost today! Click here to learn more about B12 vitamins and why we love it so much!



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