Megan Fox should have come to Delete!

A couple months ago, Mark ?Marky Mark? Wahlberg made a lot of waves discussing taking his kids with him to his tattoo removal appointments, and now Megan Fox is the latest celeb to take to the streets talking about her removal experience. Tattoo regret plagues celebrities too!

Megan too has been making the talk show rounds, sharing how painful her removal treatments have been, and boy does it pain us to read about how much the removal process has hurt both her and her husband, Brian Austin Green.

We hate hearing about anyone ? celebs and laypeople alike ? who have been through painful removal procedures.

At Delete, we take the time to numb the tattoo area and make sure that we move at a pace that allows our patients to experience minimal discomfort. In fact, we frequently hear from our patients how surprised they are about how comfortable we make the process that they’d long heard horror stories about.

Megan, Brian, Mark! Where have you been going?!

We’d love the chance to speak with them directly and get them to Phoenix to see us make good on our claims.

Just because you have ink you regret doesn’t mean that your only choices are to live with it or deal with an even more painful removal process.

We’re in the business of helping people delete their ink as comfortably and affordably as possible, so whether you’re a celeb or not, if you’re looking for a better tattoo removal option, give us a call!

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