Miley Cyrus & Her Nine Tattoos

First off, we want to wish Miley Cyrus a very happy 19 th birthday– it�s hard to believe the pop star is in her final year as a teen idol.

The star celebrated her most recent birthday with an elaborate extravaganza, planned by her friend and fellow celeb, Kelly Osbourne. But before ringing in her special day, Miley was seen at an L.A. tattoo removal clinic and has since sent the tabloids on fire with news of her suspected tattoo regret.

The tween pop star � despite her fairly young age � has nine tattoos.

Here�s a question: Is 19 too young an age to be regretting a tattoo you got in your younger years? Judging by our patient base and our own experience, the survey says no. Not even a little bit.

The truth is, the no matter how old you are when you choose to get ink�d, if there�s even a tiny doubt in your mind that you won�t want to live with that dream catcher (like Miley has) or that �Hannah Montana 4 Life� tattoo you thinks is super awesome in the heat of the moment � you probably shouldn�t be ink�d at all.

Perhaps at 19 Miley truly has matured and is seeing the tattoos as silly, regrettable tokens of her youth � either way, we wish her the best and hope that she�s well taken care of at that removal salon in L.A.

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