Miley Cyrus? older brother tats up his scalp, the last ink-free place on his body

Let’s think here for a moment: tattoos are painful, and they are nearly permanent (not with Delete in your life!). So, it makes sense to put one on your head, right? Trace Cyrus, Miley’s 23-year-old brother, seems to feel that way.

trace cyrus

– Bet this gets him all the girls!

Trace recently got an intense tattoo of a Native American chief inked on the side of his scalp. We didn’t really think people got so desperate for another tat that they would shave part of their hair off for one ? but such people never cease to amaze us.

We suppose that Trace can afford to do something like this, seeing as how he’s the son of a celebrity and all. Billy Ray Cyrus even joined Trace at the tattoo parlor ? such a warm, fatherly gesture!

Trace later tweeted, ‘Got my head tatted today! Excuse all the ink on my face. And yes this hurt!!!?

Trace is clearly fond of this art, as he has the majority of his entire body covered with ink. Surely Trace has the money to remove the tat if it ever becomes inconvenient ? but for a man with a colorful body who seems to have the personality to match, we don’t see that happening.

Good luck in your future tattooing endeavors, Trace.



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