Military men, their tatts & their tattoos’ affect on career

Some members of the military are pushing for more strict grooming and appearance policies which would include the need to cover up or remove neck and facial tattoos.  How are tattoos affecting your career? 

In 2006, the Army instituted less restrictive policies, which have allowed soldiers to have and display neck and hand tattoos.

Now, one sergeant in particular, Sgt. Raymond Chandler, is pushing for the Army to once again revisit its appearance policies on fashion, body modifications, and beauty.  Chandler is even drafting his own recommendations on what the Army’s new grooming regiment should be.

While we understand Sergeant Chandler’s position and reasoning, this Veteran’s Day, we’re reminding ourselves of the tremendous sacrifice that the men and women of our nation’s armed forces make for us with each day of their service. No matter which way the policy gets set, we’re grateful and humbled to live in a country that embraces the freedoms of choice and expression.

What do you think? Should members of our armed forces be able to have and show tattoos while serving our country? Does their role as representative of the United States mean that they should be held to different standards of personal appearance?



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