More bad ink: Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson reveals new ink

Football star Chad Johnson, more commonly known as Chad Ochocinco, recently tweeted a picture of himself with a new tattoo of his wife�s face. A standard, potentially regrettable tattoo, right?

Here�s where it gets interesting.

Image via US Weekly

The couple is getting divorced. Yeah.

Maybe the tattoo was Chad�s attempt to show his love and get his wife to come back to him, or maybe it�s a sign the athlete is in denial about the divorce entirely.

No matter the reason for the new ink, we can�t help but breathe a super-sized sigh of age-old advice: think before you ink, people!

Apparently Chad has decided to cooperate with the divorce, filing papers of his own, but the tattoo is staying.

Riddle us this: Proclamations of love and devotion are better left uninked. True or false?

Who wants to start an over/under on when Chad will seek tattoo removal?

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