Most Tattooed Cities in America

Most Tattooed Cities in America

Tattoos have boomed over the past decade plus.  It seems that everyone has a tattoo or several especially among those between the ages of 25 and 44 who self-qualify as hip or artsy. Many who match this description choose to live in major cities of America, meaning that a number of places across the country have a larger concentration of tattooed people than any other places in the country. We wanted to check out some of the most tattooed cities in America and found an interesting tattoo survey by  Their results are based on the city’s population versus the number of active tattoo parlors.


A hip, liberal, music-loving college town that has major festivals just about once a month throughout the year, Austin is one of the most tattooed cities in the country. There are tons of tattoos here, as musicians and their fans are some of the top customers at tattoo parlors. Approximately 7.5 tattoo parlors per 100,000 people dot the city of Austin and as the Texas capital continues to grow, so will this number.


Very similar to Austin in the type of people who live there, Portland may have more tattooed people only because it is surrounded by small towns that are generally liberal and have more people in the surrounding Portland area who also have tattoos. It’s a very green city with tons of music and art as well. Portland has about 12 tattoo parlors per 100,000 people.


Despite the constantly depressed economy, one city with the most tattoo parlors per capita is actually Flint, Michigan. A resurgence of youth culture in the town has brought numerous tattoo parlors to ink up the next generation who are trying to revive this city’s economy through their own small businesses and unique ideas.


Despite being in a relatively conservative state like Virginia, Richmond is one of the most heavily tatted cities in America, with 14.5 shops per 100,000 people. There are a lot of young people here, as colleges are numerous and there is a huge arts scene. According to Total Beauty, there may be even more tattoo shops, as many of the small towns and suburbs around Richmond have tons of tattoo parlors.


This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as many people in the service industry in Vegas, from strippers to waiters to limo drivers’, all flaunt their tattoos to pass the time between work and parties. With 16 tattoo shops per 100,000 people, Las Vegas also holds the world tattoo convention every year, making it a clear number one for at least a weekend.


The Florida city has the most tattoos per capita in the country, according to the Total Beauty study, meaning the reality show Miami Ink that seemed to ever go off the air has some validity after all. There are 24 tattoo shops per 100,000 people here and almost all of them are shown off on the beach at some point.

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