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Most Tattooed People

Over the course of history tattoos have become widely accepted throughout America, but also across the world. Even more so, the number of people with tattoos has greatly increased throughout time, as there are 45 million Americans with at least one tattoo. There are rare cases however of those that are entirely, or at least mostly, covered in ink. About 20% of people say they regret their tattoos, and 11% of those with tattoos have taken the proper steps in getting them removed.

We’re going to give Delete’Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon’s top five most tattooed people in the world. Some of them are simply famous by their tattoos alone. While others have gained even more popularity because of their nature.

5. Rick Genest (The Zombie Boy)

He may not be the most tatted person in the world, but he certainly is 95% more covered
than the average person. This model from Montreal is covered in a skeletal tattoo that his donned him the name Zombie Boy.His tattoos were completed in 2008 and after being featured in various Canadian interviews and blog sites. Zombie BoyFor this he has gained world-renown status, has been featured in modeling campaigns, performances, and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Video. Featured above, he poses for a concealer product.

4. Tom Leppard (Leopard Man)

Tom Leppard, is completely covered in leopard spots and a tattoo paint to look like’you guessed it! A leopard! He’s also modified himself to resemble the animal even more. In this photo he is wearing leopard teeth and bears a menacing grin. While you may think that he is just a guy who did this long ago, he’s actually 78 years old and was once named the Guinness Book of World Records Most Tattooed Man.

Leopard Man

3. Chris Andersen (Birdman from Miami Heat)
Chris Andersen of the Miami Heat, or Birdman, is by far one of the most tattooed basketball players. His tattoo art began on his 18th birthday and has continued since. He’s not just all basketball and tattoos though, he’s an avid charity contributor and has his own charity called the Freebird Foundation.


2. Julia Gnuse (The Illustrated Woman)
Julia is the most tattooed woman in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Her tattoos actually serve a purpose. Julia has a skin condition called porphyria which causes the skin to blister, leading to deep scarring. Her tattoos don’t cure her in anyway though, just hides the scarring!

Julia Gnuse

1. Lucky Diamond Rich (The World’s Most Tattooed Man)
Rich is a New Zealand street performer who is 100% tattooed. That’s right, not a single inch of his original skin is visible. He claims that tattooing is like a drug for him. Now that he has no more available space, how do you think he’ll be able to satisfy the urge? Or, will he regret them all later on in life?

Lucky Diamond Rich

Everyone within the tattoo industry, whether you’re an artist or consumer, has a tattoo they regret, or they are completely in love with. Whatever your personal feelings are about that peace sign on your hip, or an ex’s name across your heart, just remember to take the time to reflect on what you want before you regret!



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