Mother’s Day

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Do you remember what your Mom said after she saw your first tattoo? What about the second tattoo? Whether your Mom was happy, sad, crazy angry, or completely surprised, we’re sure that she’s begged you to remove at least one of your tattoos for quite some time!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, plenty of companies will be pushing a lot of great ideas for mother’s day gifts, but why not give her a unique gift that she will never forget ? tattoo removal because deleting the past, removing that which you no longer want is a gift of ?No Regrets? every mother appreciates.  Deleting your tattoo will put a smile on her face, and there’s no denying how great her smile makes us feel. Perhaps it is not you with an unwanted tattoo but your mom. Buy her a first tattoo removal treatment if she’s ready to start deleting! Pre-paid tattoo removal packages are up to 25% off.

Our salon is beautifully decorated and staffed with certified medical professionals who know the best ways to remove tattoos, with injectable and topical numbing, and provide you and your mom with a comfortable, safe and affordable tattoo removal treatment.

In honor of our and your Mothers, Delete Phoenix announces an age defying Mother’s Day Special; With the Purchase of a Collagen Induction Treatment (CIT) facial treatment, receive 15 units of Botox absolutely free. This offer will end on May 30, 2014. *This offer is only valid at our Phoenix Location.

Whether you’re giving your Mom the satisfaction of seeing that tattoo she dislikes disappear, helping her take a step towards a fresh start, or providing her with an age-defying treatment, Delete is here to make a difference in your lives! Call us today to schedule a free consultation for any of our services!

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