Mr. Disney (Not Walt) & His 300 Disney Tattoos: Future Tattoo Regret?

Do you have a favorite Disney Character? Maybe Donald Duck with his raspy voice and surly attitude? Or possibly Belle, with her sweet demeanor and kindness?

We’d venture to guess that nearly everyone has a Disney character that they’ve favored for a long time. There’s at least one Disney film ? for many ? that has the power to turn back the hands of time. Now, we don’t have any problem admitting that most of us are all too easily transported back to our childhoods, to a time of carefree innocence. And therein lies the problem. We can’t blame people for wanting to hold on to happy, carefree memories! Though we tend to think this guy’s desire to hang on to that time in his life is a little extreme.


Al Cotton, also known as ‘Mr. Disney? and ‘Mickey Man’, has more than 300 full-color tattoos of Disney characters covering his body. The (now) 65-year-old got his first ink as a freshman in high school and hasn’t looked back since!

Cotton even integrated his love of the Almighty Mouse to help him get over the loss of his arm by using an old Mickey curtain to make his prosthetic hook hand look more friendly.

We definitely applaud Mr. Cotton for his dedication to the House of Mouse ? and certainly for taking something positive -from what we can only imagine was a trying time in his life- with the loss of his arm.

All that being said, we maintain our ‘think before you ink? credo- Avoid tattoo regret and the laser tattoo removal process. You can bet that we’re going to think long and hard before adding any characters to our skin, no matter what carefree memories are brought back! The ‘character? we were born with is just fine for us.



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