Nikki Reed’s Lesson Learned: Listen up, Twi-Hards

In the English language we use the word ‘love? in many different situations. We say that we love our family, our friends; we say we love our jobs (or don’t love them). Many of us even claim to ‘love? food, or a favorite sports team!

And we show love in many ways ? a hug, kiss, high five, a hand written note? Everyone shares and expresses love differently.

Especially throughout the holiday season, we see love shown more than ever. You might show love for your near and dear by lending a hand to prepare for your holiday meal(s), making frequent trips to and from the airport, giving gifts (shameless plug: we’ve got a rockin? deal going on right now for treatment gift cards? just sayin!).

The point is, that when you love someone you have your own way of letting him or her, and the world, know.

Well what if the way you chose to show your love was with a tattoo of your beloved’s name? And then what if that love doesn’t last? That is exactly the predicament Nikki Reed (the actor most widely known for playing Rosalie Cullen in the Twilight series) is facing.

The beautiful  – and recently married ? starlet is currently undergoing tattoo removal for a tattoo of a former flame’s name on her wrist.

Nikki isn’t the first, and she certainly won’t be the last person ever to be caught in a quandary quite like this.

The Patient’s Guide to Tattoo Removal earlier this year found that the number one reason for patients to seek tattoo removal was to be rid of the name of an ex-partner/spouse. You can check out the survey they did here.

The newlywed discusses the tattoo and her decision to get it removed here.

So let this be lesson to all those Twi-hards out there thinking of getting ink’d with ‘RPattz Forever? or ‘Mrs. Lautner? across their bodies. Love is fun and exciting ? thrilling, even. But that doesn’t mean it should be permanently written on your skin.

Maybe show your love by sending a simple fan letter? Just an idea.



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