Now you can be even more obnoxious and get your pet a tattoo!

People have always been coming up with new ways to make their pets trendy. There are designer and rhinestone-studded collars, posh pet carriers, and eye-catching clothes for your fluffy ball of love.

Do you really think Fido likes that?

But a new trend brings things to a whole new level with, you guessed it, pet tattoos. The designs are temporary, and are airbrushed on using a stencil and non-toxic dye made especially for animals.

This article from USA Today talks about The Dog Salon, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We�re betting that this won�t be the last grooming parlor to jump on the trend bandwagon, though. According to the article, Americans will spend $52.9 billion on their pets this year.

PETA says that even though the dyes are non-toxic and animal-safe, any type of �tattooing� or dyeing is still cruel. The group says that the practice can cause stress and lead to allergies.

The Dog Salon offers �tattoos� in just about any shape, symbol, or saying you can imagine, ranging from $10 to $20.

The sight of an inked up dog on a leash seems strange to us. This may just be us, but we get our pets for companionship and the unconditional love they give us. Cheesy, yeah, but it�s the truth.

Would you ever ink your pet? In the name of those cute, cuddly faces, we hope not.



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