Nutrient Infusions at Delete

Delete® offers six customized Nutrient Infusions to flood your body with vital vitamins and minerals to help boost, enhance, and replenish the nutrients your body craves.


There are many times in your life when you feel sluggish and have trouble powering through the day. Or, maybe you have some circumstances that require you to be more focused than a typical day.

Many people wonder what their options are when they need that boost, but do not wish to turn to unhealthy caffeinated energy drinks?

The Energizer Nutrient Infusion provides the body with the energy it needs, while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When choosing IV therapy, it is possible to give the body the vitamins it needs, without the damaging side effects.



There are many people looking to acquire a slender/lean appearance, shed fat, and increase muscle tone. When working towards these goals, people typically eat healthy foods, watch portion control, and work out on a regular basis.

However, sometimes it is still difficult to reach these fitness objectives. The Skinny Nutrient Infusion helps to speed up the process by giving your body the energy it needs to aggressively target unwanted fat cells.

If you are working towards your own fitness goals, this specially blended infusion may be exactly what you needthe results you want.


Immune Booster

Life can be busy, and most of us are constantly on the go. Most of us are working hard at our careers, taking care of our families and often skimping on sleep.

We end up trying to squeeze everything into a 24-hour period, before starting all over again the next day. This causes us to feel overextended and constantly on the verge of getting sick.

Building the body’s immune system to withstand our busy world will make it strong and able to withstand what life throws at it.

The Immune Booster Nutrient Infusion specifically addresses these needs, by strengthening our immune systems. This vitamin infusion is a healthy way to counteract the effects of everyday life.




Hangover Helper (our most popular!)

Many of us enjoy a dry glass of wine or a cold mug of beer as part of our daily routine. However, from time to time there may be an occasion to celebrate such as a wedding, an evening with your best buddies, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or your favorite team’s big win.

Overindulging in alcohol usually leads to regret the next day, thanks to headaches, nausea, lethargy and just a general feeling of being unwell. One great way to deal with hangover headaches is through IV hydration, which is targeted at eliminating those symptoms. The Hangover Helper Nutrient Infusion was carefully crafted to help the body recover you feel better quickly.


Fountain of Youth

When you want to look and feel your best, it is important to make sure you are engaging in self-care. It is vital to maintain a sufficient amount of sleep, well balanced diet, a regular exercise routine and skincare routine. These everyday practices help our bodies gracefully move through the aging process.

However, do you ever wish that there was something else you could add to your routine to help you achieve that true fountain of youth?
The Fountain of Youth Nutrient Infusion is aimed at decreasing the toll that life has taken on our bodies.


Elite Athlete

There are many ways we can be athletic. Whether a professional or periodical athlete, it is important to treat our bodies like a temple. When dedicated to physical exercise, you know that carefully monitoring what you eat and drink optimizes what your body can do.

The Elite Athlete Nutrient Infusion can help your body reach that extra mile by supplying nutrients to your muscles. The right nutrient infusion can help you achieve that peak performance andhelp you feel on top of your game.


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