Old School Samoans are TOUGH

Amidst a recent dig into the history of tattooing and its role in long-upheld cultures across the world, we came across an article discussing the role that tribal ink plays in Samoan culture.  The Samoans consider their form of tattooing a ‘Badge of Honor? and a life-long commitment that is never entered into lightly.

Samoan 200x300

This original wood-on-wood-on-skin version of tattooing sounds not only a hundred times more painful than modern methods, but is considered amongst the Samoans more like a decision to wed than how most societies have become accustomed to considering their ink. The Samoan tattooing process

takes days, and is sometimes partially accomplished over longer periods, with [much needed] recuperation in between ? Yowza!

We’re presently in the times of condoned, non-committal relationships: friends with benefits, trial memberships available for everything from tanning and gym memberships to computer software and 30-day trials for purchases as large as a new car or as menial as a DVD player from Best Buy.

Bottom line: our culture encourages spontaneity, so this idea of life-long commitment is likely to baffle more than a few Generation X-Y-Zers.

Question of the post (see what we did there’?) is, how many of you would still get tattoos if you knew they had to be there forever? Furthermore, how easily would you enter into that decision if you knew that the culture and society you lived in would demand you being 100% on your decision? Imagine you had no options for removal. Your ink is permanent. No questions asked.

Tweet  us up and tell us. Would you consider getting inked if you had to go through what the Samoans do?



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