Olympic Swimmer Roland Schoeman’s Tattoo Removal Journey

Roland Schoeman tattoo removalOne Olympic swimmer’s tale on removing his tattoos and living without regret.

By Roland Schoeman

Imagine thinking you’ve made the best decision of your life. Something you’ve “thought” about, you’re convinced you’re making the right decision. You make it and realize that it may have been a mistake, possibly the worst decision of your life.

Well you’re not alone, there are many other people in your shoes. I’m no different.

While the reasons for getting my tattoos were important and good ones to this day, the excitement and novelty of my tattoos has worn off. I don’t like the way they look, they’re pretty badly faded, the one was poorly done and honestly I couldn’t be bothered to get them touched up or even covered up with something else.


For several years now I’ve been contemplating having my tattoos removed. The idea until now didn’t seem too appealing. The process in and of itself seemed rather uncomfortable and had me wondering if it was all worthwhile or not.

Reading about Delete and seeing their amazing results piqued my interest, I finally committed and scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Mundt and I’m glad I did.

From the moment I stepped into Delete I was greeted by smiles all around, the consultation with Dr. Mundt was no different – Here was a woman with an incredibly positive and happy energy helping me understand that tattoo removal was truly a painless process. Dr. Mundt inspected my tattoos, asked me a few general health questions and discussed the estimated number of sessions it may take to completely remove my tattoos.

My biggest fear about the removal sessions wasn’t the laser, it was in fact the local anesthetic injection to help make the tattoo removal session painless. I’ve never been a fan of injections or needles for that matter. A couple of additional questions from my side and Dr. Mundt’s side and that concluded our consultation… Or so I thought. Dr. Mundt asked if I’d like to do my very first tattoo removal session. I hesitatingly agreed but I’m glad I dove into my first treatment.

It’s amazing how the mind often makes something out to be way worse than it actually is. The lidocaine injections were absolutely painless! The tattoo removal session was definitely not what I expected and it was something that I was incredibly relieved about. I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of “So far, so good.”

The tattoo removal session itself was quicker and significantly easier than i thought it would be. The entire laser treatment could not have taken more than 5 min. Were my tattoo areas sore? Not in the slightest! 

We are stoked to partner with @roland_schoeman in sharing his journey through removing two of his tattoos! Cheers!

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What was the experience like? Well, imagine a rush of cool air over the tattoo, a clicking sound and then voila. All done. Obviously the bigger the tattoo the more clicks and occasional blasts of cool air to the tattoo area.

My session ended off with Dr. Mundt putting some ice packs over my freshly lasered tattoos, giving me a rundown of the healing process and what to expect over the next few days, as well as an at home care packet with Aloe Vera gel to help soothe the areas if needed.

I’m excited to go to my second appointment and incredibly glad I have finally started removing my tattoos.

If you’re feeling hesitant to start removing your tattoos, I’d like to invite you to watch my tattoo removal journey over the next year on Instagram, Facebook, and right here on DeleteItNow.com. As you learn more about my journey and how it all feels I’m sure you’ll feel less nervous and better prepared to remove your tattoos.



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