Partial Laser Tattoo Removal Is Not A Myth

Laser tattoo removal is not an all or nothing commitment. It is possible to remove any part of a tattoo you are unhappy with. Partial tattoo removal is a great option if you have tattoos on your arms, legs, and neck that you do not want to be exposed. Laser tattoo removal of this nature is common for job related purposes. But maybe your tattoo artist is not a spelling bee champion and misspelled your tattoo? This was the case when Brad Marchand, of the Boston Bruins, got a tattoo to commemorate his team winning the 2011 Stanley Cup. Brad Marchand confirmed his tattoo mishap saying, ‘Mine originally was misspelled. Instead of saying Stanley Cup Champions it said Stanley Cup Champians.

Or you could be like Johnny Depp and want your past lover’s name partially covered up. After breaking-up with Winona Ryder, Depp showed the world just how funny of a guy he really is by using laser tattoo removal to alter ‘Winona Forever? to ‘Wino Forever?.

Whatever the case may be, partial tattoo removal is possible. Just to prove the legitimacy of these celebrities and their partial tattoo removal, we have our own photographic proof for the skeptics. The photos are of a partial tattoo removal before and after treatment. The photo on the left is the tattoo prior to Delete Tattoo Removal performing a partial removal. The one on the right is after partial removal, removing the last two letters of the tattoo only.

Everyone has different needs when looking to remove their tattoos. We understand that not everyone is completely unhappy with his or her tattoos. Some are just ‘partially’ unhappy. So whether you are completely or ‘partially? determined to remove your tattoo, Delete Tattoo Removal is here to help in either case!



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