Patient Profile: Meet Felicia Banks

When Felicia Banks got her first tattoo at 18, she thought she would love it forever. Now years later, the half-sleeve tattoo that she had to have when she was 18 no longer fits her lifestyle. ‘I liked tattoos at the time and being able to show your art, but I didn’t realize how bad of a spot it was. Not until I started going to school to become a dental assistant,’ Felicia said of why she wants her tattoo removed. ‘I?m not into tattoos that are noticeable anymore. I always get stopped and touched by random people, and I just don’t want it there anymore.?

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Felicia’s tattoo removal process actually started at a different tattoo removal clinic, but Felicia was less than thrilled with her consultation. ?I hadn’t even heard of Delete yet, so I went for my first consultation at a different clinic. Their prices were very high and they seemed in a rush to get me out of there, to be honest with you. I was uncomfortable, but didn’t think I’d find anything different out there. I thought every tattoo removal clinic was like that one, and at that point thought ‘I?m stuck with the decision I made at 18.’?

Luckily, that isn’t where Felicia’s story ends. After believing that she was permanently stuck with her ink, Felicia heard about Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon. She received a call from her mother suggesting she look to Delete for help after hearing about the new tattoo removal salon as Chris Parker promoted his ‘Ugliest Tattoo? contest on the radio.

After looking into Delete’s services, Felicia scheduled a consultation and has remained a member of the Delete family ever since. ‘When I went in I was a little skeptical after how I was treated during my consultation at the other tattoo removal place, but it went amazing!? she said. ‘Every member of the staff introduced themselves and shook my hand before walking away from me. They answered all of my questions and sat patiently with me while explaining the entire process. I thought it had to be too good to be true, but it wasn’t! Even better, the consultation was free!?

Felicia is half way through her removal process, having completed six ‘of the most comfortable treatments with Delete,’ in her words. Even being only halfway through her removal process, most of her tattoo’s outlines and shading are already gone.

?Delete’s staff is consistently caring, patient and concerned about making you comfortable at every step along the way. Instead of making me feel that it was my fault I was going through this, the Delete staff was understanding and always willing to help out to make the process as comfortable as possible.?

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Huge thanks to Felicia for letting us share her story!



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