Patient Spotlight: Carol

We met Carol fairly recently and so far have really enjoyed not only getting to help her, but getting to know her during her tattoo removal process.

Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2010. A permanent resident of Eugene, Oregon, on diagnosis Carol underwent a mastectomy to treat her cancer and was later told that radiation would be needed to complete her treatment regiment.

Along the way, Carol � like many other breast cancer patients � was given tattoos to more accurately pinpoint affected areas where the radiation was to be administered.

After her last radiation session on April 21, 2011, Carol was left with four radiation tattoos that served as daily reminders of her battle � every time she got out of the shower; when she went to wear certain shirts or dresses � the scenarios were endless.

It was nearly immediately after her final treatment that this survivor decided she wanted to be rid of her tattoos. Like so many of the nearly 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, her memories of the experience were enough to humble her. �I didn�t want any more reminders of what I�d gone through. They just bothered me,� she said. She wanted the tattoos gone.

After discovering that there was no option for tattoo removal in her hometown of Eugene, Carol decided to look for options in Phoenix, in anticipation of an upcoming trip to spend time at her vacation home with her family here in Arizona. That�s how Carol found us (and just five miles from her condo!).

When Carol called our office she was surprised and excited to learn about our complementary radiation tattoo removal to breast cancer patients and survivors.

�It�s unbelievable. I just could not believe that they were charging nothing � it�s just really unbelievable.�

It is personally important to us that we support those suffering from and effected by breast cancer.’ That�s why our �All Clear� program is free and ‘the Race for the Cure is supported. We are committed to making a difference in our community in any way we can.

Carol has had one treatment so far and was given an estimate of an expected three to six treatments to complete the removal process. Waiting the recommended month in between visits, Carol expects her third session with our attending physician, Jennifer Mundt, N.D., to be completed in January of 2012 � just over a year after her diagnosis.




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