Patient Spotlight: Delilah

Yesterday we had an exciting day in the salon with Chris Parker from 98.7 The Peak and one of our tattoo removal patients, Delilah!? Both came in to the office to chat a little about their tattoo removal process. You�ll soon be able to catch the whole conversation because we filmed the whole thing. So watch this space!

In the meantime, we wanted to share Delilah�s story � both how she ended up with the tattoo she�s now removing and also how her experience with Delete has been.

So let�s jump right in! Here we have it � (in Q&A format).

The tattoo you�re getting removed, why did you choose to get it?

My ex husband and I used to do did tattoo conventions so we were around tattoo artists a lot, so that�s how I got this one.

What is the tattoo that are you having removed and why?

The tattoo is of a woman and it�s on my thigh. You can see it when I�m in swimming suits and skirts and I just don�t want it to show.

So has this whole saga convinced you to swear off tattoos? Would you get another one?

No more tattoos! The fact that I own my own business is a big factor. I want to be professional. My lifestyle before had me in the tattoo industry, but I�m older now and more professional now. Tattoos were something I did when I was younger; they don�t fit my personality now. ?

How far into the removal process are you?

I have had five treatments and will probably have five more. The removal process is going really well, so I shouldn�t have too many more as my tattoo is lightening pretty fast. I�ll be done by August hopefully.

How has your experience with Delete been so far?

It�s been a really good experience, I don�t stress and it�s really relaxing. Delete is very good with pain management during the procedure and afterwards and there haven�t been any?

complications from the laser. I�ve had some blisters, but nothing really that bad.

Would you recommend Delete to anyone else? Have you so far?

I already have recommended Delete and will continue to. Right now, everyone wants to see my results before they go through with it.?

Many thanks to Delilah for sharing her tattoo story with us � we�re betting that we�ll have some great �after� shots to show you all when she�s finished all of her treatments!

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