People will complain about anything: Australian ad accused of stereotyping

So apparently people don’t like being stereotyped because of their tattoos, who would’ve thought? According to this articlefrom Mumbrella, A Hungry Jack’s ad in Australia received complaints from viewers because it features a tattooed rocker chick being transformed into a delicate, dress-wearing and cleaned-up fashionista.

– “Oh no, my tattoos are gone!”

One complaint said, ‘I?m a Caucasian middle-class professional woman. There is nothing wrong with that. There’s also nothing wrong with my piercings or tattoos and any suggestion to the contrary is insulting.?

Our opinion? Everyone needs to calm down. If you get upset over every little thing in life that may or may not be trying to offend you, you’ll live an awfully terrible life.  The Advertising Standards Board ended up ruling that the ad meant no harm and, ‘the interpretation likely to be taken by the community is clearly a message about the product and is not a negative portrayal of either type of young woman.?

What do you think? Did the ad go to far? If you have tattoos, does this ad offend you? Let us know in the comments!




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