Planning Your Tattoo Removal & Your Wedding

January: that one time of year, where brides everywhere flock to Arizona for bride with tattoothe Arizona Bridal Show. As with most brides who come to the show, your number one concern is probably your tattoo. In fact, you are probably nervous because your parents are literally going to be the only people at your wedding without tattoos. We’ve all heard the horror stories of how tattoos can hurt your chances of getting a job, they can hurt relationships, & they can ruin weddings!? This according to wedding planners, who are witnessing first hand, all the name calling, hair pulling, eye ball gouging’Okay, not really’but plenty of controversy surrounding tattoos and wedding planning.

Don’t worry it is not just a case of “Bridezilla.” Truth is, you are not alone. In fact, Sandy Malone, Owner owner of Weddings in Vieques says, “lately it’s been coming up more and more in wedding planning.” In an extreme case, Sandy Malone has a client that, “Isn’t having a bridal party at all because her mother’s first comment after her daughter got engaged was something like, “and I do hope you’re going to choose something with sleeves for all of your decorated friends.”

At Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon we get it. You are planning the wedding of your dreams, it is your day, and should be exactly what you want! As a bride you have options for all your tattoo needs.  We not only offer cover up options, but depending on your wedding date, you may have plenty of time to start the laser tattoo removal process. Enter married life with a clean slate. The only thing written in ink on your wedding day should be your wedding vows! Happy wedding planning! We look forward to seeing you at the Arizona Bridal Show!



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